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Hi5, Hello to you and welcome on my personal information page. Here I present myself only a little bit. I hope you enjoy...

My BIG Dream: Seeing my kids regularly and reform Youth-care in Holland and Europe!

My little dreams: To rebuild my farmhouse in the most sustainable way I can realise. So that I can live there with a lot of people! Who can stay short or long, or just come and visit. A specially for people who like to reflect there life, fix something or want to life different. Green thinkers, Artist or people who are heavily endangered in there rights. But also give city children and there family a place to be outside and enjoy nature. A sort of Safe House for many!

Next to that I want to build an electrical vehicle, just to prove that electric is the cheapest and most sustainable way of transport.

I also would like to rebuild a wooden Senegalese ship with a house on top to sail the african rivers and shores with nature lovers!

I like non-profit systems and systems of sharing. I have capabilities others have resources or other skills. I hope to join up with those people... I trust in people to have the best come true!

My wrongs: Sometimes my words are too strong because I want to much. I give also to much, I love and care to much. I think everyone is good and beautiful and honest, I am a quick writer and little dyslectic. I sometimes pull strings to hard, but always for the good. I don't care for having not much money and I sometimes be a little to careful in spending on my self and others. And I am NOT trying to be nice and acceptable enough.. Sometimes I don't choose for my self and get hurt. I am human, so I make mistakes to, but don't be afraid I am a very good and nice guy!

Philosophy: Just be nice, be open, be polite, be helpful, monogamy, Be humble, Make people bigger not small, Believe and trust, Listen to others, but think for yourself, don't be an easy follower. Do with others, what you like others would do with you, Take care of your surroundings and life efficient! Don't ever spoil! Money is not important for happiness. Follow always your hart, there is God really talking and guiding to you. ;)

My name is Philip Winkelhorst, Now single, father of two children in Holland. Although I am a Equal parent and have all rights from the courts. I didn't see them for more than 7 years!

My Skills are:

  • Love and caring for people and children.
  • Computer repair and Creation of Internet websites and Google Earth presentations.
  • Photography; Children and people, Landscapes and Nature.
  • And many other mainly based on Green Thinking and Sustainability.

I lived in a few counties besides Holland. I try to live there not in Hotels or Hostels, but at families. I lived in Gambia (Serrekunda / Larrakunda) and Dominican Republic (Puerto Plata). I visited India for one month. I lived longtime in Germany, but close to the border with Holland. Now I live in the Sahara. In Dakhla (Western Sahara) and in Nouadhibou (Mauritania). I drove more than 40.000 kilometers in Africa; The Atlas, Sahara until Gambia. With my Land Rovers and now a Kia. Would you like to travel with me? Just tell me. In my life, everything can be possible!

I travel so much because I feel very unhappy in my own country because I didn't see my children and feel a lot of discrimination and even criminalisation from Dutch government workers. I got many times cruel and inhuman treatment and even I feel mental torture which is done to hurt my rights , my children and ofcourse my whole familyDutch Radio1 

Political idea: Green & Social &liberal, based on global human rights and please don't make everyone the same, different is more beautiful.

I love: My mom & dad, my close family, Pathou she is my Jack Russell terrier, my children, my farmhouse, water sports, Kitting, Gardens, Outdoor activities with children, Making websites, Electricity things, like PC Hardware, LED and Solar, Experimenting with fire efficiency Making things better and more efficient without spending to much, my friends and people in general. Photography, Sunsets birds and S.. with a lot of Love... and next to that Colors, I think you can see that here ;)

Music: All peaceful music like; Enya, Eric Clapton, Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, But even Opera and classical. I love to listen them in my farmhouse, where I have 4 nice vantage Bose Speakers. (501 from the 70-ties) in Quadraphonic set up: L-R-L-R so you here always stereo, but can't hear where the music is coming from. :)

I hate: Stigma's, Asocial behavior, disrespect for different views and opinions. People who think the are better and refuse other peoples. Hard-line feminist. Mobile Phones, SMS

My Believe: I think God is in everyone of us! But the devil is close behind. We can make every day choices for good or wrong, Ying or Yang! If you make the good choices you will be strong and feel protected. Do you choose for the bad things or darkness, your live will be full of anger, coldness and hate. My choice is to go in the light! I don't believe in money. I believe in love and sharing. I also believe that when you do something wrong you only need to realize that and try to tell your mistake and more important try do better next time. Stop doing wrong or things that you hate. Speak out your feelings even if is not nice to say.

My goals for my life are: Not pay any taxes to bad governments who abuse MY CHILDREN'S Rights and I try to survive any where in the world, so no tax need to be paid and fight from there for reforming Youth Care in Holland so that they comply with Children's Rights, Human Rights and EVRM. Mainly I am busy in my life with helping people. It can be with social problems or even spark business plans or help to develop that. I don't do any illegal work in Dutch "Zwartwerk" because that is illegal. I do things on the basis that I am open for a free gift, so that I can survive. Most of the times it is food and shelter! I also try to develop my own business somewhere in the world.


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